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Super Citrus

Super Citrus

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Discover the ultimate solution in automotive cleanliness and detailing - Super Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner. Engineered with the might of citrus-based components, this powerhouse cleaner effortlessly eradicates dirt, grime, and grease from your vehicle’s engine bay, wheels, tires, wheel wells, and undercarriage, leaving behind nothing but impeccable results. Super Citrus is your go-to for maintaining a pristine appearance and optimal performance of your cherished ride. 

Effortless Cleaning for Every Part of Your Vehicle 

Super Citrus transforms your cleaning routine with its versatile formula designed to tackle various levels of soiling across multiple surfaces. Whether facing lightly soiled engines or combating heavy grime build-up, Super Citrus delivers professional-grade outcomes with minimal effort. 

How it Works:

Directions for a Spotless Shine: 

Lightly Soiled Engines: 

  • Prepare Your Mix: Dilute Super Citrus with water at a 5:1 ratio for a gentle yet effective cleaning solution. 
  • Cool & Cover: Ensure the engine is cool and safeguard any exposed electrical components within the engine bay. 
  • Apply: Wet the engine lightly, then spray Super Citrus liberally across all surfaces requiring attention. 
  • Agitate: With a soft-bristle brush, gently agitate the solution to lift dirt and grease. Ensure thorough cleaning for a spotless finish. 
  • Rinse & Dry: Wash away the solution, then let the engine air dry or use compressed air to speed up the process. 

Heavily Soiled Engines & More: 

  • Full Strength: For challenging dirt and grime, Super Citrus is your hero. Apply it undiluted and follow the same meticulous steps for a deep clean that restores shine and cleanliness. 

Wheels, Tires, and Beyond: 

  • Prep & Spray: Dampen the target area, then apply Super Citrus at full strength to envelop every inch in cleaning power. 
  • Brush Off Grime: Tackle dirt and buildup with a soft bristle wheel brush, ensuring every speck of grime is addressed. 
  • Rinse to Perfection: Finish with a thorough rinse, revealing a clean, rejuvenated surface that truly shines. 

The Details:

  • Versatile Cleaning Power: Super Citrus efficiently tackles dirt, grease, and grime across multiple vehicle surfaces, including the engine bay, wheels, tires, wheel wells, and undercarriage, making it a go-to solution for all your cleaning needs. 
  • Citrus-Based Formula: Harness the natural cleaning strength of citrus. This eco-friendly and potent formula breaks down tough dirt without harsh chemicals, ensuring a powerful yet gentle clean for even the most delicate surfaces. 
  • Easy Application for Any Condition: Whether you're dealing with lightly soiled engines or heavy grime build-up, Super Citrus adapts to your needs. Use it diluted for a gentle clean or at full strength for tackling the toughest jobs, all without compromising on effectiveness. 
  • Professional Results Made Simple: Achieve a pristine, showroom-worthy look with minimal effort. Super Citrus is designed for both enthusiasts and professionals alike, ensuring that every application results in unmatched cleanliness and shine. 
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