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Jax Wax

Strip Shampoo

Strip Shampoo

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Jax Wax Strip Shampoo: The Ultimate Paint Preparation Solution 

Specialized Formulation: Jax Wax Strip Shampoo is expertly crafted to remove waxes, sealants, and other protective layers from your vehicle's paint, preparing it for new coatings or treatments. 

Safe Yet Effective: Designed to efficiently strip surfaces without harming the paint, ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition. 

Easy Application: Can be used with a foam gun or cannon, making the application process simple and effective. 

How it Works:

  • Pour 3-5 oz. into a foam gun or cannon and top off with water. Shake well. 
  • Spray the vehicle from top to bottom, allowing the foam to penetrate the protective layer. 
  • Agitate the surface with a premium wash mitt. 
  • Rinse clean and dry with a premium drying towel. Repeat if necessary until the protective layer is removed. 

The Details:

  • Effective Removal of Protection: Efficiently strips away existing waxes, sealants, and other forms of layers of protection.
  • Paint-Safe Formulation: Specially designed to clean without damaging vehicle paint. 
  • Versatile Application Methods: Compatible with foam guns or cannons for easy use. 
  • Preparation for New Treatments: Ideal for prepping the surface for new protective layers or treatments. 
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