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Jax Wax

Shine All Water Based Dressing and Protectant

Shine All Water Based Dressing and Protectant

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Jax Wax Shine All: The Ultimate Solution for Vehicle Interior and Exterior Protection 

Enhanced Formula for Superior Protection: Jax Wax Shine All is a water-based dressing and protectant designed to provide exceptional care and protection to both interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. 

Versatile Use for Comprehensive Care: Perfect for use on black plastic engine compartment pieces, trim, and interior surfaces, this product ensures a consistent, long-lasting shine. 

Safe and Effective: Its safe formulation is ideal for maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle without causing damage or leaving residue. 

Easy Application: Apply evenly with a foam applicator or cloth, and see the transformation in shine and protection. 

How it Works:

  • Ensure the surface is clean and dry. 
  • Apply the product evenly with a foam applicator or microfiber cloth. 
  • Wipe off any excess and allow to dry. 

The Details:

  • Multi-Surface Application: Suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces, including tires and trim and engine compartments.
  • Water-Based Formula: Ensures safe and effective use without damaging surfaces. 
  • Long-Lasting Shine: Provides a consistent and enduring shine. 
  • Ease of Use: Simple application process with a foam applicator or cloth. 
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