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Rupes Yellow Wool Medium Polishing Pad

Rupes Yellow Wool Medium Polishing Pad

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The medium wool polishing pads for random orbital, gear driven, and triple action are especially designed for moderate defects removal. The yellow foam of the medium wool pad is much more flexible to allow for improved control on curves and contours and a softer support for improved finishing ability. 

The yellow medium wool pad range features a consistent 15mm fiber length through the entirety of the pads surface. This soft and flexible wool paired with a soft and flexible yellow foam backing, besides cutting moderate defects, also guarantees excellent finishing ability on most surfaces. 

How it Works:

  • Consistent Technique for Uniform Finish: The importance of maintaining a consistent technique throughout the polishing process is emphasized, including the repetition of product application, pressure adjustment, and buffing across new sections of the vehicle. This consistency is crucial for achieving a uniform and impressive finish, underscoring the pad's role in attaining professional-level detailing results. 

The Details:

  • Specialized for Moderate Defect Removal: These pads are tailored to effectively remove moderate surface defects, making them an essential tool for detailed polishing work. 
  • Enhanced Flexibility for Better Control: The yellow foam used in these pads is notably more flexible, which facilitates improved control over curves and contours of the vehicle, along with providing softer support that aids in achieving a better finish. 
  • Uniform Fiber Length for Consistency: The pads feature a consistent 15mm fiber length across the entire surface, ensuring a uniform application and finish. This consistency is key to their ability to provide excellent finishing ability on a wide variety of surfaces. 
  • Combination of Soft Materials for Superior Finishing: The soft and flexible wool, coupled with the soft and flexible yellow foam backing, not only assists in addressing moderate defects but also ensures an outstanding finishing quality on most surfaces. This combination guarantees that the pads can deliver a high level of detail and shine in the polishing process. 
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