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Rupes White Foam Finish Pad

Rupes White Foam Finish Pad

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The White pad is the one generally used specifically for finishing. These pads are designed to be used with dual action random orbitals, specifically long throw machines. They aren't recommended for rotary or forced rotation.  

The DA ULTRAFINE foam pad is Rupes's finest grade of foam, designed for ultra-high gloss finishing and polishing haze-prone or very soft paint surfaces. The new unique material composition of the

DA ULTRA-FINE pad shows a brighter white color with less propensity for yellowing over time and can also be used for the application of sealants or waxes when no correction is required.  

How it Works:

Pair it with Jax Wax Final Finish to remove extremely fine defects or to bring out a show car level finish on even the most difficult-to-finish and delicate vehicle paints.

The Details:

  • Specific Design for Finishing: The White pad is specifically designed for finishing applications, making it the go-to choice for achieving an ultra-high gloss finish. Its construction is intended for use with dual action random orbitals, particularly long throw machines, underscoring its specialization in finishing rather than correction steps. 
  • Limited Compatibility: Unlike pads that are versatile across various polisher types, the White pad is not recommended for use with rotary or forced rotation polishers. This limitation highlights its specialized design for dual action random orbital polishers, ensuring users match the pad with the appropriate equipment for optimal results. 
  • Ultrafine Foam for Delicate Surfaces: Rupes's DA ULTRAFINE foam pad, noted for its finest grade of foam, is tailored for polishing haze-prone or very soft paint surfaces. This pad's material composition not only offers a brighter white color with reduced yellowing over time but is also suitable for applying sealants or waxes when correction is not needed, providing versatility in its finishing capabilities. 
  • Ideal for Show Car Level Finishes: When paired with Jax Wax Final Finish, the White pad excels in removing extremely fine defects and achieving a show car level finish. This combination is particularly effective on difficult-to-finish and delicate vehicle paints, ensuring that even the most sensitive surfaces can attain a flawless gloss without risking damage.
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