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Jax Wax

Red Medium Polishing Pad

Red Medium Polishing Pad

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This Red Medium Polishing pad is designed to be used with the second step in the Jax Wax Finishing System, Perfect Polish.Great at removing "buffer haze" created by previous paint correction steps.Can be used with a dual action, random orbit, or high-speed rotary polisher.

How it Works:

  • Pad Selection: Start by selecting the Red Medium Polishing Pad, specifically designed for use with Perfect Polish. This pad is optimized for the second step in the Jax Wax Finishing System. 
  • Preparation for Use: Ensure the pad is securely attached to your choice of polisher, whether it's a dual action, random orbit, or high-speed rotary polisher. This ensures compatibility and effectiveness in the polishing process. 
  • Product Application: Apply Perfect Polish evenly across the surface of the Red Medium Polishing Pad. Ensure its sufficiently coated for application on a small, manageable 2x2 ft. section of the vehicle's surface. 
  • Polishing Technique: Begin polishing the designated area using light to moderate pressure. This level of pressure is crucial for effectively removing "buffer haze" created by previous paint correction steps, without causing further imperfections. 
  • Finishing Touches: After you have thoroughly worked the Perfect Polish into the paint with the Red Medium Polishing Pad, use a clean microfiber towel to wipe off the residue. This step is essential for revealing a brilliant shine and achieving the desired finish on the vehicle's surface. 
  • Repeat Process: Continue this process, moving section by section across the entire vehicle. Reapply Perfect Polish to the Red Medium Polishing Pad as needed for each new section, maintaining the technique of using light to moderate pressure for optimal results. 

The Details:

  • Specific Design for Jax Wax System: The Red Medium Polishing Pad is tailored for the second step of the Jax Wax Finishing System, using Perfect Polish. It's crafted to work seamlessly within this specific system, ensuring effective removal of "buffer haze" and preparation for subsequent detailing steps. 
  • Versatile Compatibility with Polishers: This polishing pad is designed to be compatible with a range of polishers, including dual action, random orbit, and high-speed rotary models. This versatility ensures that it can be used effectively across various types of polishing equipment to suit different detailing needs and preferences. 
  • Optimized Polishing Technique: Effective use involves applying light to moderate pressure during the polishing process. This technique is critical for efficiently removing "buffer haze" caused by earlier paint correction steps, without introducing new imperfections to the paint. 
  • Comprehensive Process for Best Results: The directions detail a comprehensive process that includes pad selection and preparation, even application of Perfect Polish, careful polishing with appropriate pressure, and thorough residue removal for a brilliant shine. This methodical approach ensures optimal results, enhancing the vehicle's finish by methodically moving section by section and maintaining consistent technique throughout. 
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