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Jax Wax

Pet Hair Brush

Pet Hair Brush

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Swiftly eliminate persistent pet hair with the Pet Hair Brush, a tool that excels in removing: 

  • Deep-set fur 
  • Vacuum-defiant hairs 
  • Tough lint 

Ideal for both home and automotive use, this brush is celebrated by both parents and professional car detailers. Effortlessly clean sofas, carpets, clothes, and even car interiors from stubborn pet hair. 

How it Works:

To use, simply angle the brush and sweep it across the fabric with moderate pressure in short, rake-like motions. The rubber blades effectively capture and pull out fur, outperforming even the strongest vacuums.

The Details:

  • Quickly eliminates deep-set, vacuum-resistant pet hair and tough lint. 
  • Versatile for home and car use, cleaning couches, carpets, and car interiors. 
  • Simple to use with a tilted, rake-like motion for effective hair removal. 
  • Rubber blades grab and remove fur better than vacuum cleaners. 
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