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Jax Wax

Mitt on a Stick

Mitt on a Stick

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The Jax Wax Mitt on a Stick is a revolutionary car washing tool designed to make vehicle cleaning effortless and efficient. It features a three-piece aluminum telescoping pole that adjusts from 36" to 84", allowing for easy reach across large and tall vehicles without the need for bending or stretching. The soft, long-fibered microfiber cover is gentle on surfaces, removable for easy cleaning, and securely snaps around a foam head for thorough washing. This tool's versatility and design ensure a convenient and effective wash for all areas of your vehicle.

How it Works:

  • Extend the Pole: Adjust the telescoping pole to the desired length for your reach and vehicle's height. 
  • Attach the Mitt: Secure the microfiber cover around the foam head and ensure it's snugly fitted. 
  • Wash Your Vehicle: Dip the mitt into your soap solution and gently wash the vehicle's surface, adjusting the pole length and mitt angle as needed for different areas. 
  • Clean and Maintain: After use, remove the microfiber cover, wash it as per care instructions, and store the mitt and pole properly for the next use. 
  • This tool is perfect for ensuring an efficient, comfortable, and comprehensive cleaning experience, reaching all parts of your vehicle with ease. 

The Details:

  • Adjustable Length: Telescoping pole extends for easy reach on large and tall vehicles. 
  • Soft Microfiber Cover: Gentle on vehicle surfaces, ensuring a scratch-free wash. 
  • Easy Maintenance: Removable and washable mitt for convenient cleanup and reuse. 
  • Versatile Cleaning: Enables efficient washing of all vehicle areas without bending or stretching. 
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