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Jax Wax

Jumbo Double Sided Twisted Loop Microfiber Drying Towel 25" X 36

Jumbo Double Sided Twisted Loop Microfiber Drying Towel 25" X 36

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Crafted with a unique twisted loop design, this towel offers two distinct sides - each engineered for a specific purpose. The first side boasts ultra-absorbent microfibers, perfect for soaking up large amounts of water quickly. Flip it over, and the second side gently buffs and polishes your vehicle's surface, catching any residual dirt and water streaks without leaving a single scratch. 

Safe on All Surfaces 

The Jax Wax Drying Towel is safe for use on all vehicle surfaces, including paint, glass, plastic, and metal. The premium quality microfiber material ensures that each wipe is soft yet effective, preventing any damage to your car's delicate finishes. 

Oversized for Maximum Coverage 

With its jumbo size, this towel reduces the need for multiple passes, saving you time and effort in drying your vehicle. Its generous dimensions cover more area, meaning less work and faster results. 

How it Works:

  • Wash Your Vehicle: Ensure your vehicle is thoroughly washed and rinsed before drying. 
  • Spread the Towel: Lay the towel flat on the surface or gently drag it across the vehicle's body to absorb the water. 
  • Flip and Finish: Use the second side of the towel to buff and polish for a streak-free finish. 
  • Care for Your Towel: After use, wash the towel separately or with similar microfiber materials in cold water. Avoid fabric softeners and tumble dry on low heat to maintain the towel's absorbency and softness. 

The Details:

  • Dual-Sided Design: Offers an ultra-absorbent side for quick drying and a soft side for polishing, ensuring a scratch-free finish. 
  • Large Size: At 25" x 36", it provides extensive coverage, making drying faster and more efficient. 
  • Safe on All Surfaces: Ideal for all vehicle exteriors, including paint, glass, and metal, without causing any damage. 
  • Easy to Maintain: Machine washable and designed for durability, maintaining its effectiveness and softness over time. 

Extremely absorbent, this twisted loop microfiber drying towel holds nine times its weight in fluids. We recommend using it in place of a chamois.

The Extra 1 1/2 Times Length (36") Gives the Towel More Surface Resulting in the Ability to Hold More Water. 

It is the Perfect Size for Wiping Your Car Down. It Won't Unfold and Drape on the Ground When You are Drying the Lower Parts of the Car!

The durable "Scratchless" microsuede piping on this towel will not scratch the most delicate of finishes. Easily laundered in between uses. 
This towel not only removes water like a mega-sponge but being microfiber, removes any remaining contaminants from your surface at the same time. The twisted loop design lifts and holds grime and dirt away from your finish like a magnet preventing unwanted scratching like a chamois can do.

Perfect for using after a wash or drying your surface when getting caught in the rain. 

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