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Jax Wax

Jax Wax Triple Plush 1100 GSM Microfiber Towel 16x16

Jax Wax Triple Plush 1100 GSM Microfiber Towel 16x16

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This Triple Plush Microfiber Towel is the softest towel you will ever use & guaranteed not to scratch the most delicate finishes- it is extremely plush on BOTH sides, unlike most other microfiber towels. The Triple Plush is one of the thickest, softest, beastliest wax removal / buffing towels of them all that's ready to scale your loftiest detailing needs at over 1100 GSM (grams per square meter) and more than 700,000 fibers per square inch.

How it Works:

  • Effective Removal of Paste and/or Spray Wax, Compound, Sealant, Glaze, and Polish 
  • Final Buff / Touch-Up 
  • Buffing and Polishing Chrome / Shiny Metals / Glass / Mirrors 
  • Drying Touch-Up (Small/Medium-Size Areas) 
  • Rinseless / Waterless Wash Methods 
  • Polishing Wheels and Rocker Panels 

The Details:

  • Unmatched Softness and Safety: This microfiber towel is touted as the softest towel available, designed to be extremely plush on both sides, setting it apart from other microfiber towels. It guarantees not to scratch even the most delicate finishes, ensuring the highest level of protection for your vehicle's surface. 
  • Superior Thickness and Quality: The Triple Plush Microfiber Towel stands out with its exceptional thickness and softness. It boasts over 1100 GSM (grams per square meter), making it one of the thickest, softest, and most formidable wax removal and buffing towels on the market. With more than 700,000 fibers per square inch, it's engineered to meet the most demanding detailing needs. 
  • Versatile Application: This towel is highly effective for a variety of detailing tasks, including the removal of paste and/or spray wax, compound, sealant, glaze, and polish. It's also ideal for final buffing or touch-ups, polishing chrome, shiny metals, glass, and mirrors, as well as for drying small to medium-sized areas. Its versatility extends to rinseless and waterless wash methods, and it's effective for polishing wheels and rocker panels. 
  • Exceptional for Detailing Needs: Given its plushness, thickness, and high fiber density, the Triple Plush Microfiber Towel is uniquely equipped to scale the loftiest detailing needs without compromising on the quality of finish. Its capacity to safely and effectively handle a wide range of surfaces and detailing products makes it a valuable tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike. 
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