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Jax Wax Naples



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Introducing the JXWX Brush Holder, the newest addition to our range of essential detailing accessories. Featuring 6 reliable hooks at the base, this Brush Holder neatly organizes your entire brush collection, ensuring your tools are always within easy reach. Designed for both strength and convenience, it keeps your workspace tidy and enhances your detailing efficiency, helping you achieve that flawless finish every time. 

The JXWX Brush Holder is an ideal companion for your Jax Wax brushes and any other items needing to be hung up. By keeping your brushes suspended, it helps prevent damaged bristles and contamination, ensuring they remain in optimal working condition. This not only enhances your detailing efficiency but also saves you money on replacements. Keep your tools organized and in great shape with the JXWX Brush Holder! 

The JXWX Brush Holder is designed for easy installation and use. Simply mount the holder securely to your wall. Once installed, the six extended hooks can hold your Jax Wax brushes and other items, keeping them suspended to prevent bristle damage and contamination.

  • Sturdy Iron Construction 
  • 6 Durable, Extended Hooks 
  • Wall-Mounted 
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