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Jax Wax

Black Foam Finishing Pad

Black Foam Finishing Pad

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This black foam finishing pad is designed to be used with the final step in the Jax Wax Finishing System, Final Finish.  Great at removing "buffer haze" created by previous paint correction steps.  Can be used with a dual action, random orbit, or high-speed rotary polisher.

How it Works:

  • Pad and Tool Compatibility: The black foam finishing pad is designed for use with dual action, random orbit, or high-speed rotary polishers. 
  • Preparation: Ensure the area to be treated is cool and dry. Apply Final Finish, or your choice of compound to a 2ft. by 2ft. area of the vehicle's surface. 
  • Polishing Process: Use light to moderate pressure during the buffing process. Move the polisher slowly over the area, allowing the Final Finish product to flash (dry to a haze) before buffing it to a high shine. 
  • Final Touches: After buffing, any excess product should be wiped off with a soft microfiber towel to reveal a clean, shiny surface. 

The Details:

  • Final Step Application: The black foam finishing pad is specifically designed for the last step of the Jax Wax Finishing System, using the Final Finish product. This indicates its role in achieving the ultimate surface refinement and gloss. 
  • Effective Haze Removal: It excels at removing "buffer haze," which is a common issue following earlier paint correction steps. This makes it an essential tool for ensuring a flawless finish after correcting paint defects. 
  • Versatile Tool Compatibility: The pad is compatible with a variety of polishers, including dual action, random orbit, and high-speed rotary polishers. This versatility allows users to choose their preferred tool without compromising on performance. 
  • Designed for Use with Jax Wax Products: Its specific design for use with the Jax Wax Finishing System’s Final Finish product underlines its effectiveness as part of a coordinated system of car care and detailing products, ensuring optimal results when used as recommended. Can be used with many of our compounds and polishes.
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