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Jax Wax

Jax Reacher Glass Kit

Jax Reacher Glass Kit

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The Jax Reacher Glass Kit is designed for efficient and effective glass cleaning, featuring a unique double flip towel design. It includes a towel that can be flipped and turned inside out as it becomes saturated, with a twist side for cleaning and scrubbing and a smooth side for buffing away residues. The kit also offers a mitt option for better control in tight spaces. The tool measures 14.5 inches, and the towels come in various GSM options for different cleaning needs, all with a microfiber edge for precision cleaning.

How it Works:

  • Start with the twist side of the towel to clean and scrub the glass surface. 
  • Use the smooth side to buff the surface, removing any residue or moisture for a streak-free finish. 
  • Once a section of the towel becomes saturated, flip it inside out to continue cleaning with a fresh section. 
  • For tight and hard-to-reach areas, insert your hand into the pocket and use the towel as a mitt for better control and maneuverability. 
  • This method ensures a thorough clean for all glass surfaces, allowing for a professional-grade finish with minimal effort. 

The Details:

  • Innovative Cleaning Technology: Utilizes a versatile double-sided microfiber towel designed for effective cleaning and polishing, enhancing glass clarity and shine. 
  • Extended Reach Tool: Includes a specially designed tool to clean hard-to-reach glass surfaces effortlessly, promoting safety and convenience. 
  • Versatile Cleaning Options: Features a unique mitt option for precision cleaning in tight spaces, ensuring comprehensive coverage. 
  • High-Quality Materials: Made with premium microfiber and engineered for durability and performance, guaranteeing professional-grade results for all users.
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