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Jax Wax

Iron Decon

Iron Decon

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Jax Wax Iron Decon: Advanced Decontamination for Painted Surfaces 

Efficient Iron Particle Removal: Jax Wax Iron Decon is specially formulated to target and dissolve iron particles embedded in vehicle paint, which often are invisible and hard to remove. 

Color-Changing Indicator: The product changes color to purple upon contact with iron particles, visually indicating the decontamination process. 

Safe for All Paint Types: This pH-balanced formula is gentle on all paint finishes, ensuring safety while effectively cleaning. 

How it Works:

Wash the vehicle and ensure the surface is cool. 

Spray liberally on each panel. 

Gently agitate with a wash mitt or sponge. 

Allow the product to sit for about 5 minutes until it turns purple. 

Rinse thoroughly with water, making sure not to let the product dry on the surface.

The Details:

Efficient Iron Particle Removal: Designed to dissolve iron particles embedded in paint. 

Visual Indicator: Changes color upon reacting with iron for easy identification of contaminated areas. 

Safe on Paint: pH-balanced and gentle on all types of vehicle paint. 

Easy to Use: Simple application process with clear instructions for optimal results.

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