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IK Foam 2 + Sprayer

IK Foam 2 + Sprayer

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The IK Multi 2 Sprayer is the detailing industries leader in professional sprayers. The versatility of this sprayer is exceptional. Not you can apply Wheel Cleaner to your wheels, along with all purpose cleaner to your engine bay, wheel wells, tires, etc.  

The IK Multi 2 Sprayer uses premium quality FPM, Viton Seals and washers for maximum chemical resistance along with heavy duty injection molded Polypropylene and Polyethylene tanks.  

We sell multiple kits that include the IK Multi 2 Sprayer for any application you are looking for.  

IK Multi 2 Sprayer with Super Citrus- If your looking for a great way to degrease and clean your engine bay, this combo is the best option. Our industry leading Super Citrus All Purpose Cleaner matched with the IK Multi 2 Sprayer will allow maximum cleaning capability during the engine bay detailing process. It can also be used to clean tires, wheel wells, and any surface you are looking to safely clean heavy dirt and grime. 

IK Multi 2 Sprayer with Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner- This is a great option to safely clean your wheels while eliminating hand fatigue from a trigger sprayer. 

How it Works:

  • Preparation is Key: Begin with a pristine surface. The quality of your starting canvas influences the final outcome. Approach waxing as you would a fine art - with precision and care. 
  • Application Mastery: Employ an Applicator/Wax Pad to apply the wax in thin, uniform layers. Remember, less is more. Avoid excess and circular motions; instead, opt for straight, overlapping strokes. This method not only enhances application efficiency but also prevents the unnecessary waste of product. 
  • A Unified Approach: Tackle the entire vehicle in one go. There's no need for segmentation, thanks to the formula's streak-free and haze-free properties, which guarantee a smooth removal process. 
  • Beyond Paint: Extend your waxing to the windshield, glass, mirrors, and chrome for an all-encompassing protective barrier. Enjoy the benefits akin to premium rain repellent solutions, all while ensuring clarity and ease of maintenance. 
  • The Reveal: Upon drying, gently remove the wax with a microfiber towel to unveil a stunning, scratch-free shine. Regular towel rotation is key to maintaining optimal performance and finish. 
  • Admiration and Maintenance: Step back to appreciate the fruit of your labor. A well-detailed vehicle isn't complete without attention to the tires. Enhance your detailing with Jax Wax Body Shine or Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine for lasting protection and shine, ensuring your vehicle remains in peak condition between waxes. 


  • 35 oz. Capacity 
  • Translucent Tank with Indicator Level 
  • 22 PSI Safety Valve with Depressurization Option 
  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Protective Sleeve for Chamber Valve 
  • Easy Assembly and Dismantling for Maintenance, Without Tools 
  • Suitable for Acids, Alcohols, Hydro Carbons and Oils 
  • All Seals, Plastic Parts and Washers Resistant to Most Acids and Solvents and to the Chemical Agents Most Widely Used in the World of Automotive, Industry, and Professional Cleaning 

The Details:

  • Exceptional Versatility: The IK Multi 2 Sprayer stands out for its versatility, enabling users to apply a wide range of products such as wheel cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, and degreasers to various parts of the vehicle including wheels, engine bay, wheel wells, and tires. Its capability to handle diverse cleaning tasks makes it an indispensable tool in the detailing industry.
  • Chemical Resistance and Durability: Designed with premium quality FPM, Viton seals, and washers, along with heavy-duty injection molded polypropylene and polyethylene tanks, the sprayer offers maximum chemical resistance. This durability ensures it can withstand the rigors of professional use and a wide array of chemical products.
  • Customizable Kits for Specific Applications: The availability of multiple kits that include the IK Multi 2 Sprayer tailored for specific applications, such as engine bay cleaning with the Super Citrus combo or wheel cleaning with the Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner, provides users with optimal solutions for their detailing needs.
  • User-Friendly Design and Maintenance: The IK Multi 2 Sprayer is designed with a 35 oz. capacity translucent tank with an indicator level, a 22 PSI safety valve with a depressurization option, and an ergonomic design with a protective sleeve for the chamber valve. It also offers easy assembly and dismantling for maintenance without tools, making it convenient and safe for users. Furthermore, its compatibility with acids, alcohols, hydrocarbons, and oils, along with resistance to most acids, solvents, and widely used chemical agents in automotive, industry, and professional cleaning, underscores its comprehensive applicability and ease of use.



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