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IK Foam 2 Sprayer

IK Foam 2 Sprayer

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The IK Pro Foam 2 Sprayer is the detailing industries leader in professional sprayers. The versatility of this sprayer is exceptional. Not only can you easily apply car soap to your paint or wheel cleaner to your wheels, along with all purpose cleaner to your engine bay, wheel wells, tires, etc. but you can also choose what kind of foam you would like to have from Standard Foam, Wet Foam or Dry Foam just with the switch of a tip. Not only will the IK Foam 1.5 Sprayer create a more consistent application of foam it will also minimize hand fatigue from using a trigger sprayer.

The IK Pro Foam 2 Sprayer uses premium quality FPM, Viton Seals and washers for maximum chemical resistance along with heavy duty injection molded Polypropylene and Polyethylene tanks. 

We sell multiple kits that include the IK Pro Foam 2 Sprayer for any application you are looking for. 

IK Foam 2 Sprayer with Super Citrus- If your looking for a great way to degrease and clean your engine bay, this combo is the best option. Our industry leading Super Citrus All Purpose Cleaner matched with the IK Foam 1.5 Sprayer will create thick penetrating foam to allow maximum cleaning capability during the engine bay detailing process. It can also be used to clean tires, wheel wells, and any surface you are looking to safely clean heavy dirt and grime.

IK Foam 2 Sprayer with Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner- This is a great option to safely clean your wheels. The foam generated from the IK Foam 2 Sprayer will "cling'' to the wheel and give the appropriate time to attack brake dust without harming your wheels. It's also a great way to regulate product usage and get the most out of your wheel cleaner.

IK Pro Foam 2 Sprayer with Cannon Soap- If you don't own a pressure washer and foam cannon this is a great secondary option. Our Cannon Soap and the "Wet Foam" or "Standard Foam" tip is awesome for washing your vehicle with foam. You will be amazed at the foam created by this sprayer!



  • 35 oz. Capacity
  • Translucent Tank with Indicator Level
  • 30 PSI Safety Valve with Depressurization Option
  • Comes with Three (3) Color-Coded Mixer Adapters: "Orange" to Create
  • Wet Foam, "Green" to Create Dry Foam and "Grey" that Creates Standard Foam
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Protective Sleeve for Chamber Valve
  • Easy Assembly and Dismantling for Maintenance, Without Tools
  • Suitable for Acids, Alcohols, Hydro Carbons and Oils
  • All Seals, Plastic Parts and Washers Resistant to Most Acids and Solvents and to the Chemical Agents Most Widely Used in the World of Automotive, Industry, and Professional Cleaning



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