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Jax Wax

HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner

HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner

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Jax Wax HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner: Ultimate Cleaning Solution for Wheels and Tires 

Efficient and Powerful Cleaning: Jax Wax HD Wheel & Tire Cleaner is your ultimate solution for effortlessly removing the toughest dirt, debris, and brake dust from your wheels and tires. Its specialized non-acidic formula is safe for a variety of wheel types, ensuring thorough cleaning without damaging the surface. 

Versatile and Safe for Various Wheels: Whether you have chrome, clear coated, or powder coated wheels, this cleaner is designed to tackle all. However, it's not suitable for polished, raw aluminum, or anodized wheels, ensuring targeted effectiveness. 

Deep Cleaning for Tires: Not just for wheels, this product also easily cleans tires, removing all traces of grime and residual tire dressing, leaving your tires looking as good as new. 

How it Works:

Ensure the wheel is cool and wet the tire & wheel thoroughly. 

Liberally spray the cleaner on the tire and wheel, one at a time. 

Scrub the tire with a nylon brush and use a soft bristle brush for the wheel. 

Rinse thoroughly and avoid letting the product dry on the wheel. 

The Details:

  • Non-Acid Formula: Safely cleans without damaging wheels, ideal for various types including chrome, clear coated, and powder coated. 
  • Effective on Tires: Not only cleans wheels but also effectively removes grime and old tire dressing from tires. 
  • Powerful Cleaning Action: Efficiently tackles tough dirt, debris, and brake dust for a thorough clean. 
  • Easy to Use: Simply spray, scrub, and rinse for a quick and effective cleaning process. 
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