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Bugzapper is a ready to use formula that breaks down and dissolves bug guts before they cause damage to the clear coat. Bugzapper is safe on paint, chrome, and plastic.

How it Works:

  • Very important: Wet entire surface down. 
  • Spray Bugzapper liberally on entire area to be cleaned. 
  • Let the product dwell on the surface for 1 minute. 
  • Agitate the area with a wash mitt, and watch the bugs disappear!

The Details:

  • Effective Formula: Bugzapper is a ready-to-use solution specifically designed to break down and dissolve bug remains, preventing damage to the clear coat on your vehicle. 
  • Safe on Multiple Surfaces: It is safe for use on paint, chrome, and plastic, making it a versatile option for cleaning various parts of your vehicle without the risk of damage. 
  • Easy to Use: Simply wet the surface, spray Bugzapper liberally, let it dwell for a minute, and then agitate with a wash mitt to easily remove bug remains. 
  • Quick Results: With its powerful formula, Bugzapper allows you to watch bugs disappear after just a minute of dwelling time and minimal agitation, making it a time-efficient cleaning solution. 
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