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Jax Wax Naples

Acrylic Dressing

Acrylic Dressing

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Jax Wax Acrylic Tire Dressing: Revitalize Your Tires with a Glossy Shine 

Enhanced Tire Appearance: Give your tires the rich, wet look they deserve with Jax Wax Acrylic Tire Dressing. This premium formula brings out the deep black of your tires, enhancing their appearance with a glossy shine. 

Long-Lasting and Sling-Free: Enjoy a lasting shine that stays on your tires. Our unique formula is designed to minimize sling-off, keeping the dressing on your tires and off your vehicle's body. 

How it Works:

  • Clean the tire thoroughly and let it dry. 
  • Apply a thin layer of the dressing to the tire with a sponge or applicator or brush.
  • Allow the dressing to dry for a few minutes for a stunning, long-lasting shine. 

The Details:

Glossy Finish: Provides tires with a rich, wet look, enhancing their appearance with a deep, glossy shine. 

Long-Lasting Shine: Designed to maintain its luster over time, ensuring a persistent, attractive appearance. 

Sling-Free Formula: Minimizes the risk of the dressing slinging off the tires onto the vehicle's body. 

Easy to Apply: Can be effortlessly applied with a sponge, brush or applicator for quick and effective results. 

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