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Jax Wax

Microfiber Cutting Pad

Microfiber Cutting Pad

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This microfiber cutting pad is designed to be used with our first step in the Jax Wax Finishing System, Perfect Cut. The microfiber cutting pad tends to correct the imperfections in your paint faster than foam. If your paint has moderate to severe imperfections, this is the pad for you. This pad can be used with dual action, random orbit, or high-speed rotary polishers.

How it Works:

  • Pad Selection and Preparation: Choose the microfiber cutting pad specifically designed for use with the Jax Wax Finishing System's Perfect Cut. This pad is ideal for addressing moderate to severe imperfections in your paint. 
  • Polisher Compatibility: Ensure that the pad is compatible with your type of polisher. It can be used with dual action, random orbit, or high-speed rotary polishers, offering versatility in your choice of equipment. 
  • Application of Product: Apply the Perfect Cut compound evenly across the surface of the microfiber cutting pad. Make sure it's sufficiently coated for application on a 2x2 ft. section of the vehicle's paint. 
  • Polishing Technique: Begin polishing by targeting a small, manageable area of approximately 2x2 ft. Apply moderate pressure initially, allowing the microfiber pad to correct paint imperfections efficiently. 
  • Pressure Adjustment: As you continue to polish and the Perfect Cut product on the pad begins to diminish, gradually reduce the pressure you're applying. This helps to refine the finish and prepare the surface for a high gloss. 
  • Achieving a High Shine: Once the product has been thoroughly worked into the paint and is diminishing, buff the area to achieve a high shine. Ensure you're working in small sections for optimal results, focusing on one 2x2 ft. area at a time to maintain control and effectiveness. 
  • Repeat Process: Continue this process across the entire vehicle, moving from section to section. Reapply Perfect Cut to the microfiber cutting pad as needed for each new section, maintaining the technique of starting with moderate pressure and gradually reducing it for the best finish. 

The Details:

  • Enhanced Efficiency for Imperfection Correction: The microfiber cutting pad is specially designed for the initial step of the Jax Wax Finishing System, offering superior efficiency in correcting moderate to severe paint imperfections compared to foam pads. Its ability to quickly address flaws makes it an ideal choice for preparing the vehicle's surface. 
  • Versatile Polisher Compatibility: This cutting pad is compatible with a wide range of polishers, including dual action, random orbit, and high-speed rotary models. This versatility ensures that users can achieve professional-level results regardless of the equipment they have at their disposal. 
  • Optimized Application Process: The detailed application instructions emphasize the importance of applying the Perfect Cut compound evenly across the pad, starting with moderate pressure and gradually reducing it as the product diminishes. This methodical approach ensures a uniform correction of paint imperfections and prepares the surface for a high-gloss finish. 
  • Systematic Polishing for Optimal Results: The process requires working in small, manageable sections of about 2x2 ft., focusing on one area at a time to maintain control and effectiveness. This systematic approach, coupled with the specific recommendation to gradually adjust pressure and buff to a high shine, highlights a tailored technique for achieving the best possible finish with the microfiber cutting pad. 
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